About Me

Storyboard Artist, Character Designer, Animator, Logo Design.

Born on January 6th, 1989 in Seoul South Korea.
Immigrated to Canada on the summer of 2001.

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Currently reside in Oakland California USA.

Instagram: @heyndoodles


:Sheridan College:
Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation

Employment History

Story Artist  
@ Pixar Animation Studios

Story Artist  
@ Arc Production

Web Comic Artist/ translator/project supervisor
@ Story Company/3rd party Huffington Post

Story Artist
@ House of Cool

Story Artist
@ 9 Story Entertainment Studios

Story Artist Intern
@ Pixar Animation Studios

Storyboard revisionist/Character Layout Artist/Animator
3rd party freelance for Gravity Ltd

Character Layout Artist
@ Solis Animation

Story Artist Intern
@ House of Cool

Peer mentor (Art Subjects)
@Sheridan College

@Canada’s Wonderland


Mattel: Max Steel 2016

Clock Workers web comic (50 episodes)

Blue Sky: The 
Peanuts Movie

DreamWorks TV: Dragon Masters
Pixar: Toy Story Short(work in progress)

Ugly Americans